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Bayshore Pet Resort has invested for your pet’s safety, in the proper air conditioning, flooring, and facility construction so we can provide your pet the safest, cleanest and most comfortable environment available.

Facility Construction

At Bayshore Pet Resort we’ve invested in top-of-the-line kennels made by T-Kennel Systems. T-Kennel has been manufacturing quality equipment for pet resorts for years. The combination of stainless steel and fiberglass reinforced plastic creates a system that is strong, safe and sanitary.

Many facilities use chain link or PVC panels for their kennel construction. These materials are not strong enough for large dogs which can result in injuries or escapes. Frequently these materials are combined with improper drainage creating unsanitary conditions.

Air Conditioning and Air Exchange

At Bayshore Pet Resort we’ve invested in energy recycler units that exchange air up to six times per hour, or once every 10 minutes. Exchanging air at this rate controls the spread of airborne viruses or bacteria. It is a much healthier environment for your pet.

Most facilities use the standard air conditioning and heating used in commercial buildings. Commercial construction codes typically require only one air exchange per hour. One air exchange per hour is not sufficient for pet facilities.

Facility Floors

At Bayshore Pet Resort we’ve invested in epoxy floors with a non-skid urethane coating. This makes for a non-slip, sanitary floor that is easy to clean and maintain.

Beware of other facility floors made of concrete or tile. Concrete floors, even when treated with a sealer, cannot withstand the constant use by pets, and the grout in tile is notorious for holding bacteria and viruses.

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