5 Ways You Can Prevent Obesity in Your Dog

While a few extra pounds can be uncomfortable on us humans, that extra weight on our dogs can be a big problem. National Pet Obesity Awareness Day is October 7. It’s a reminder to regularly check our pet’s weight to keep them happy and healthy. Maintaining a healthy weight in our pets helps us avoid [...]

2017-02-14T21:04:23-05:00November 10th, 2016|health|

7 Signs that your dog is in pain

Have you noticed that something just isn’t “right” about the way your dog is acting? Maybe he always greets you with a wagging tail, but now he doesn’t even get up when you walk in the door. He may have been in a good mood in the morning and ready for a walk, but now [...]

2017-02-14T21:06:42-05:00November 10th, 2016|health|
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